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Margay Kitten, photo by Francis Marion University

Rio Pucuno Foundation


Our heartfelt thanks go to all of you who have already donated to the RPF, and we encourage everyone to help us continue our work, by making as generous a donation as you can afford to Rio Pucuno Foundation, TODAY, while you're thinking about it!

                        Saving Rainforest in Ecuador's Eastern Foothills

There's world-wide understanding and support for conservation of lowland jungle rain forest, and of the much higher elevation cloud forest, but there's little discussion about the need to preserve the area between them, foothill rainforest. The foothills host many species living only at this particular elevation (900-1500 m) as well as representatives from both higher and lower elevations. The elevational gradient on which Wildsumaco rests is part of the reason for our amazing biodiversity and bird count.

Sadly, prime foothill forest continues to be logged, threatening the very existence of many bird and animal species living in it. Donations to help purchase and preserve this foothill forest are greatly needed.

The non-profit Rio Pucuno Foundation (RPF) was established by the owners of Wildsumaco Wildlife Sanctuary S.A. for the express purpose of buying and preserving foothill rainforest in Ecuador before it disappears under the pressure of chainsaws. We're very proud of our private corporate efforts and accomplishments in Sumaco, but realize that any significant expansion of our work will depend on securing additional funding from other sources, and of putting land purchases into a foundation to ensure that the land and forest will be kept in perpetuity.  

As a non-profit organization, Rio Pucuno Foundation is able to receive grants and financial contributions for conservation and education, operating separately from our privately-held company. It has been approved by the appropriate government agencies and is fully chartered under the laws of Ecuador. 

Because Rio Pucuno Foundation is small, we are personally involved in all aspects of it and the rest of our reserve, so your donation to RPF will give you an unusual opportunity: when you visit Wildsumaco, we can show you precisely the forest that your contribution helped save, you can walk on it and be proud that you are part of the reason that it still exists.

We urge you to become involved, and to help Rio Pucuno Foundation with a donation today!

To contact us about Rio Pucuno Foundation, or to make a direct donation to RPF, please write to

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Chestnut-tipped Toucanet, photo by R HarrisSumaco VolcanoFerruginous Pygmy-Owl, photo by G Lambeth
Two-toed Sloth
Wildsumaco Biological Station, photo by A Gotter, Seven Days Photography
Bunk room WBS, photo by A Gotter, Seven Days Photography
Gray-breasted Crake, photo by M Browne
WBS and Sumaco Volcano, photo by A Gotter, Seven Days Photography
Lazuline Sabrewing, photo by D Brinkhuizen
Rio Pucuno, photo by B Olson
Torrent Duck female, photo by G Lambeth
Grayish Saltator, photo by J Olson
Students Identify Hummingbirds, photo by B Olson
Common Tody-Flycatcher, photo by B Olson


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